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Duct Cleaning Atlanta

Every other day a coupon, Groupon, or other discount site has a GREAT DEAL on Duct cleaning. Some of you may have even purchased one of these. The question we always ask is, did they do a good job? For a thorough duct cleaning you need all the return and supply ducts throughout the home or business cleaned. Every register must be cleaned. The entire assembly that includes coils, a condensate pump, drain pan, drain line and blower motor assembly must also be cleaned. When you call ServiceMaster for you Duct Cleaning Atlanta needs, we ensure that the job is done correctly.

One dryer fire caused a whole house to need months of restoration work.

One dryer fire caused a whole house to need months of restoration work.

In addition to HVAC Duct Cleaning Atlanta Services, we also recommend having your dryer duct work cleaned. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that clothes dryers are associated with over 15,000 fires annually. For information about how to prevent this visit . You can also call in the professionals at ServiceMaster for your dryer Duct Cleaning Atlanta Needs!


Whether you experienced a fire, mold, or other disaster that causes immediate cleaning; or you just want to ensure your system is running at its highest efficiency, call 404-853-2525 to schedule your Duct Cleaning today!

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